About me

Due to my early contact with body work (Feldenkrais since elementary school) and dance (from Jazz dance, to Modern Dance to Butoh) the body and its functionality fascinate me. During my studies of psychology and philosophy I started to get trained in practicing and teaching body work. Throughout the past ten years, I have visited trainings and supervision groups focused on body work and Butoh dance by D. H. Wiese. Additionally, I completed trainings in acupressure and craniosacral therapy. I am a certified Qi Gong trainer (terramedus) and I regularly visit trainings and self-awareness groups in diverse methods of body work and counselling skills.

My own process with my body is never finished and I learn new things about myself on a daily basis. I want to impart this attitude of constant change to the people in my courses and the clients I treat. I can always only convey those things that I learned for myself and I undogmatically use all those methods that I experienced as effective. For me teaching and treating others is a creative process that I enter into together with my clients and students.