Welcome to the practice for bodywork Frankfurt

In my practice in Frankfurt I offer holistic body work, using craniosacral therapy, Qi Gong and other techniques. The awareness that every body is different is at the center of my work. I want to find individual solutions instead of approaching the body with a normative view. In this process our own body image plays an important role. Our view on our body can change with movement, touch and even imagination. With speech and touch I enter a creative dialogue with my clients to search for solutions together. The goals are a functional understanding of the body, letting go of movement patterns that you are stuck in and thus promoting the body’s ability to self-regulate.

All genders and sexual orientations are welcome.

Unfortunately, the practice is not easily accessible with a wheelchair or walking aid because the rooms are on the first floor and there is no elevator. Please contact me with any questions about accessibility and I will seek for a solution.


Sophia Heister im Schneidersitz mit Teeglas, lacht

Welcome to the practice for body work Frankfurt!

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