My courses open a space to experience your body in a playful way, no matter if you come with any physical discomfort or just want to (re)discover joy and effortlessness in movement. We do exercises that help us to become more aware of our body, to strengthen and become more agile and to feel our center. To this intent we work on exercises with origins in somatic body work, Qi Gong, dance, and Yoga. The exercises can always be fitted to your individual needs, because every body is different. It is never about a normative view of the body, but about creative solutions. Thus, the goals are never a ‘better posture’ or ‘stretching’, but an understanding of the functionality of one’s own body and letting go of moving patterns that you might be stuck in.

In a one-on-one lesson you can tell me about your discomforts and I will put together a series of exercises for us to try out together. In addition, we speak about tips for your everyday life focusing on how to limit pain and change habits, for example on how to sit more actively. These exercises and tips can be immediately integrated in your daily routine. The goal are concrete changes that fit to your everyday life and will lead to more flexibility, less pain, and a better understanding of your body.

A one-on-one lesson takes about 30 minutes and costs 43 €. Participation in the weekly course (60 minutes) costs 55 € per month (reduced price possible upon request). Right now, I offer a course on Wednesday evenings, 6:10 to 7:10 pm in Bornheim (Habsburgerallee 9). There are spots available and you can join with prior consultation. The course is given in German spoken language, but translation for some words or phrases into English is always possible. If you are interested, contact me. On request I also offer workshops, in both English and German.