New Butoh courses at VHS

Every Tuesday, 18:00 to 19:30
in Dr. Hochs Konservatorium, Sonnemannstr. 16, 60314 Frankfurt

Also in 2024 there will be weekly Butoh courses at the Volkshochschule Frankfurt, registration is already open! I am looking forward to all newly interested and already experienced Butoh dancers. The course can be attended without previous knowledge, but certainly offers something new for all those who have been with it for a while.

As always, we will start with a varied warm-up program in which we will train attention, body awareness, strength and flexibility. Then we continue with creative exercises to get into new movements and expression, working with resonance, contact and voice, among other things. In addition, we work on a Butoh Fu in both courses – i.e. a sequence of images or a story, which we fill with life.

The first course consists of 7 course units and starts on February 27th, the last date is on April 30th – please note the three-week break during the Hessian Easter holidays. The cost is 63€. Registration at the VHS at:

The second course runs from 14 May to 02 July continuously for 8 dates and costs 72€. Registration here:

If there are any questions, don‘t hesitate to contact me!

Three month sabbatical

Due to a longer stay abroad the practice for body work will be closed from 21st of November 2023 until 18th of February 2024, meaning there will be no courses or treatments in this period. I will not be reachable by phone in this time, but I will regularly reply to emails and messages over WhatsApp or Telegram. I am looking forward to coming back with new impulses and ideas and restarting to work with you.

Butoh Workshop at Tanztag Rhein Main

Saturday, 30. September 2023, 1 to 2:30 pm
Volkshochschule Frankfurt, Sonnemannstraße 13, 60314 Frankfurt
Room 5018

In the context of Tanztag Rhein-Main you will have the opportunity to try out Butoh dance. There is no registration required and with a donation of 5€ or more you can take part in workshops also at different places for the whole day.

In small creative exercises we sharpen our perception and find movements that are not given externally but that are the expression of an internal image or feeling. A Butoh Fu – an absord series of images or story – allows us to get deep into the whole spectrum of your own expression. Without judgements like good or bad, beautiful or ugly a dance between dichotomies comes into being, a process of transformation and discovery.

We dance in comfortable clothing – barefoot or with socks. The workshop will be held in German spoken language, but translation for some words or phrases into English is always possible.

For more information about this Workshop and about Tanztag Rhein-Main follow this link.

Join body work course mid August

Gruppe macht Qi Gong-Übung, eine Hand über dem Kopf, Handfläche nach oben, als würden sie etwas wegdrücken

You can join my continuous body work course on Wednesday in mid August. We will dive deeper into a Qi Gong series which is about connections through the whole body and the dynamic change between tension and releasing. The focus for strengthening and consciousness exercises will be the pelvis, hip joints and the back. You can join the course in the first couple of weeks, there are no requirements. If you have discomfort or pain you can still easily participate since every exercise can be adjusted personally. The course will be in German language, but I can always translate into English if something is unclear.

Body work course
Every Wednesday 18:10 bis 19:10
Habsburgerallee 9 (rear building) in Frankfurt Bornheim
Start at 16.08.2023, last class at 27.09.2023 (7 classes)
First try out session without charge, after that 55€ per calendar month. Reduced prices are possible on inquiry.

If you are interested or have any question, do not hesitate to contact me: Email or telephone/whatsapp: 0176 7356 3582

Weekly Butoh dance class at Volkshochschule Frankfurt

Every Thursday, 18:30 until 20:00, 9 sessions
in Dr. Hochs Konservatorium, Sonnemannstr. 16, 60314 Frankfurt
Costs: 81€
Start: 14. September 2023
End: 16. November 2023 (No course at 26.10.)

In September I start my third weekly butoh course at Volkshochschule Frankfurt. The course offers a good opportunity to get to know Butoh or to dive in deeper. We will try out different Butoh techniques like working with the voice, contact, resonance and movements with different intentions and we will develop a Butoh Fu, an absurd sequence of images/story.

You will find more information and registration under the following link:
If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact me.